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Beneficial for all women, whether on a Fertility journey or not, a healthy, healed fertile womb is a creative womb, one that Gives  Life to Babies

To introduce Mdm Hajjah Mariati Johari was a Ex- Nurse, she developed through her own working body-work experienced about 30 years in practising natural medicine in particular massage. She was trained in London- UK, for 12 years Certified and Qualified, specializing in Aromatherapy Pregnancy & Childbirth, Natural Womb|Fertility, Massage Therapy. Aromatherapy in Holistic & Clinical Approached, Aromatherapy, Reiki Massage and EMF – Electro Magnetic Fiield Technique & other healing modalities and also a Herbalist.

Welcome to Womb|Fertility Therapy which is a unique and effective massage protocol, including Womb|Fertility awareness, Cleansing therapies and visualization that Mdm Hajjah Mariati developed through her own working body-work experience. Her practise is personalized and wellness-oriented with a strong focus on Cleansing, Nutrtion, Womb Massage and Nurturing which helps women avoid many common discomforts associates with pregnancy, infertility and womb issues.

Following years of demonstration and case studies, clients who conceived shortly after receiving a womb massage during the treatment, and after receiving several womb massage therapy often they did conceive within one to six cycles. She also developed special techniques and discovered many modalities both physical and energetic. This Womb|Fertility Massage Therapy provide you with the foundational knowledge to enable you to understand Womb| Fertility Massage and how it can beneficial of your Fertility Journey, whether you are trying to conceive naturally or assisted (IUI or IVF)

You will aware and discover how Womb or Fertility Massage is different from any other treatment available and why it is so effective as a fertility treatment. This will unearth how the position of your Womb can have a major effect on your health and fertility and how to identify if you have misaligned womb and discovered more about your body.You may experience from Womb Massage Therapy are: Cleansing the Digestive System, Balancing the cranial-sacral alighment, Balancing hormones though intergrative stimulating reproductive areas, Endocrine Glands and Digestive System. Breaing up pelvic adhesions and congestion increase circulation through the pelvis and knowledge of ovulation timing.

The main focus when choosing our program or preconception is to nourish the body, detoxifying for hormonal balance optimal health, support uterine tone, build and improve the blood and circulation. Massage is a natural therapy that can help you also to prepare for your IVF procedure and pregnancy., While traditional massage is beneficial to reduce stress  and increase circulation, Fertility Massage specifically helps to increase circulation to the reproductive system and support a healthy ovarian-uterine environment.
> Consultation
> Support a healthy stress response
> Preconception Herbs
> Supplement Diets
> Womb Massage Therapy
> Emotional Release
> Cleansing Release | Detoxyfing Toxin | Purifying
Are the best to start at least 3-6 months perior to conception.

Opening Sacred Womb | Fertility Program
Stress and sadness due to Infertility can lead to depression. We assist and guide you to understand and take the important  steps to feel better despite the struggle with our Full Body Aromatherapy womb| Fertility Massage per program include:
- Consultation
- Cleansing & Purifying - Hydrotherapy or Fresh Flower Bath or Aromatherapy Essential Oils
- Ganggang (Vagina -Spa Treatment) 4x
- Cupping
- Navel Candle
- Full Body with Womb Massage 1x
- Womb Massage Therapy 3x

To assist the following:
* Increases blood flow to the reproductive organs * Nourishes follicles with fresh blood supply and oxygen * Helps to break down scar tissue and adhesion * Helps to resolve blockagein the fallopian tubes
* Re-alighs the uterus * Relieves stress and anxiety * Improve indigestion and absorption of nutrients * Reduce inflammation due to PCOS, cysts or fibroids * Cleansing of Liver * Womb Massage
* Supplements Nourishing of Uterus * Nurturing Mind, Body & Soul * Endometriosis * Blocked Fallopian Tubes * Hormone Imbalance & Stress * IVF Preparation * Absent Period * Unexplained Infertility * Cervical Mucous * Ectopic Pregnancy * Miscarriage Prevention

Strictly by Appointment & Consultation
Tel: +6568484146 or Watsapp: +6584340017
Payment can be made: Nets | Cash | Western Union | Internet Banking

E: or Register and Login in our website
Biz Hr: 11am to 7pm



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